Shawn Bartlett

Law Clerk

Shawn is a legal assistant and law clerk at Bondy Immigration Law. Shawn completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) summa cum laude in Philosophy with a minor in Urban Studies at York University in Toronto. He went on to complete a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario and is currently ABD in the doctoral program in Philosophy at UWO.

Shawn has a passion for moral philosophy, social justice issues, and feminist philosophy. At UWO, Shawn completed coursework that focused on global issues in feminist ethics, the philosophy of law, and other issues in moral philosophy. He was a member of the department’s Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) chapter and participated in their weekly reading group that focused on issues of discrimination, race, and disability rights. Shawn was also an organizer and regular participant in the philosophy department’s feminist film night. He served as the philosophy department’s graduate student union steward for PSAC Local 610 and as a departmental representative to UWO’s Society of Graduate Students.